When international disputes arise, we advise on how to respond to that risk, recover from it in the best possible way and then to implement solutions to mitigate that risk from arising in the future.

Respond to risk

Dealing with disputes that arise during the course of everyday operations or managing unexpected crisis scenarios needs a decisive response, especially when there is an international element to add to the complexity. We help businesses to address risks effectively, to assess options, maximise recoveries and ensure financial stability.

We offer pragmatic and commercially-focused expertise to help cut through the complexity and achieve real, tangible results. Our litigation specialists are experienced in advising domestic and international clients on international arbitration and cross-border litigation. We regularly act in relation to high value and complex cases originating in foreign jurisdictions which have a connection to the UK. Through our litigation funding facility we provide an innovative route to fund your long-term litigation without the risk or upfront cost. Our team can help you to resolve a dispute on a true no win, no fee basis.

Building on our mainstream restructuring activity, we have one of the largest contentious insolvency teams in the UK, offering experience in all aspects of corporate and individual insolvency-related litigation, pursuing actions on behalf of officeholders and institutional creditors in the UK and overseas. Whether you’re a creditor, investor or debtor we can guide you throughout every step of the insolvency litigation process, helping you to minimise risk and meet your objectives.

Recover from risk

Once the outcome of a dispute or crisis is secured, we manage risk recovery, equipping you to bounce back stronger, including tracing and recovering assets for fraud victims and monitoring and enforcing the outcome of court decisions.

We are adept in co-ordinating multi-jurisdictional cases and our offshore work regularly includes seeking relief, recovering assets and enforcing judgements in jurisdictions such as The Cayman Islands, The British Virgin Islands, Guernsey and Jersey, The Isle of Man, Gibraltar, and Cyprus.

Mitigate risk

Once the dust has settled, the last thing most businesses want to do is spend any more time than they need to on a dispute or crisis. But that’s exactly the time to work with our dispute resolution and business intelligence experts to proactively identify gaps in processes, training and culture, and to put in place a co-ordinated and a tailored response across all relevant jurisdictions.

Find an international recoveries service

International arbitration

Advising across the spectrum of issues that arise, we act on both commercial and investor-state disputes.

Litigation funding facility

An innovative route to fund your long-term litigation without the risk or upfront cost.

Insolvency litigation

We have one of the largest contentious insolvency teams in the UK.

Asset tracing & fraud investigation

Fraud continues to be on the increase. We help to manage risk and to recover assets lost.

Offshore litigation

Cross-border disputes can be hard to handle, requiring commercially-focused expertise.