With pensions advisers and lawyers working side-by-side, we advise trustees, employers and beneficiaries on the best way to fix the pension scheme issues that arise, make their schemes fitter for the future, and to flex the solutions implemented in response to changing economic and social contexts. 

Our client base includes a wide range of local, national and international clients across a number of different sectors. The schemes that we advise include defined benefit schemes with assets ranging from £500,000 to over £3bn, defined contribution occupational pension schemes, contract-based schemes, small self-administered schemes and self-invested personal pensions.

Fix pension problems

Rather than simply stating the law we present our pensions advice and recommendations clearly and concisely to save our clients time and trouble. Every situation is different, and from the outset, we work as a partner, helping you undertake the necessary due diligence, assess response options and forecast cost implications to identify the pensions solution that’s right for your business and beneficiaries.

Pension scheme trustees are expected to identify and mitigate risks facing their schemes. Our experts are able to help trustees carry out their jobs more effectively, implement solutions that are right for their schemes and reassure stakeholders that the scheme is being well run.

If things do go wrong, pension disputes can be incredibly complex and potentially damaging. We are skilled in guiding clients through any such issues, ranging from risk assessment, right through to formal court and regulatory proceedings. 

Get your pensions fit for the future

We’re experts in optimising pension schemes and reward programmes. From the outset, we partner with clients to support them in defining goals and requirements, establishing project governance and managing stakeholder engagement. We produce clear, easy-to-use documents that will assist trustees and employers on a day-to-day basis.

We minimise the strain on internal teams and can manage all aspects of project execution, from internal communication and document drafting to reviewing outputs and overseeing specific areas like pension valuations and trustee deeds. 

Many organisations can find that they end up spending time running their pension scheme, rather than managing their business. Our experts are able to reduce the time and money spent by companies looking after pension schemes and implement a strategic plan to meet their pensions’ objectives for the future. 

Flex in response to change

Change is inevitable, and finding the correct response can be a challenge and take up valuable time and resources. We support our clients to adapt their pension schemes to changing regulatory, organisational and economic contexts.

We’re proactive in identifying gaps, evaluating risk and determining the best course of action. We offer varying levels of support to meet the needs of your business, from providing a second opinion on internal documents, to guiding in-house operations, embedding a robust governance structure or taking on the management of your pension scheme.

Find a pensions law service

Pensions regulatory support

Keeping up with pensions regulation takes time that many trustees and businesses don’t have.

Pension scheme risk management

We help remove risk for the employer without prejudicing the security of members’ benefits.

Pension scheme documentation

Accurate, well-drafted pension scheme documentation is essential.

Occupational pension schemes

Running these efficiently and in compliance with the latest regulation can be a challenge.


Since auto-enrolment was introduced it has presented challenges for organisations.

Pension scheme consolidation

The Enplan Pension Scheme Consolidation Platform reduces the time and money spent looking after defined benefit pension schemes.

Pensions disputes

A technical minefield, with high stakes and a high potential for damage to match.

Sole trustee appointments

Appointing a professional sole trustee takes the administrative burden of running an occupational pension scheme off your shoulders.

Trustee board appointments

Appointing an independent trustee is key to developing a long-term plan for a pension scheme.