Dealing with personal legal matters requires the same level of professionalism and expertise as dealing with corporate legal matters. We regularly help ultra-high net worth and high net worth individuals, business owners and entrepreneurs fix private wealth legal matters, get their personal affairs fit for the future and flex with changing personal and economic circumstances.

Fix private wealth legal issues

When private wealth legal issues occur, there’s a lot to consider. What are the possible outcomes? What impact will this have on your personal life and finances and that of your family members?

Every situation is different, and from the outset, we work with you, helping you assess options and consider potential implications in order to identify the solution that’s right for your personal circumstances. Our expert lawyers promote a non-confrontational approach to problems and provide clear, compassionate and sensitive advice on all aspects of private wealth matters relating to the individual, their family, their property, their business interests, their privacy, and their reputation.

We understand the emotional and financial costs that disputes over private wealth can lead to, and therefore use our considerable experience of advising people in similar circumstances to resolve private wealth disputes as quickly and effectively as possible.

Get your personal affairs fit for the future

We’re experts in providing bespoke legal and tax advice with an emphasis on asset preservation and long-term planning strategies. Our specialists work with individuals, families and their businesses to help them invest and protect their wealth and ensure their personal affairs are fit for the future. 

Our expert lawyers advise those currently living overseas on the best options and structures for tax-efficient investment into the UK, on personal immigration matters, as well as on UK residential property investment.

Flex with changing personal and economic circumstances

Change is inevitable, and finding the correct response to changing personal and economic circumstances can be a challenge. 

Whether assisting philanthropic clients with keeping abreast of legislative and regulatory changes, helping private clients amend their wills due to changing personal circumstances, or advising individual investors on how to navigate the fast-moving world of FinTech and digital assets, our experts can help you to flex with changing personal and economic circumstances to meet your long-term objectives.

Find a private client legal service

Private wealth

You’ve worked hard for your wealth. Now let us help you make the most of it.

Private wealth disputes

No one can afford the financial or emotional cost of private wealth disputes.

International private wealth

Moving to the UK? Now’s the time to get on top of your tax affairs.

Personal immigration

Thinking about living and working in the UK? You’ll need access to expert personal immigration advice.

Privacy & defamation

Privacy law can be difficult to navigate. We provide practical solutions to real problems.

Reputation management

We can help protect and restore your personal or business reputation.

International property investment

UK bricks and mortar have long been seen as a smart investment.

Residential property & conveyancing

Make dealing with residential property as smooth, swift and stress-free as possible.

Not-for-profit & philanthropy

This highly-regulated market often brings with it new and complex problems.

Digital currency & assets

The growth in the FinTech market has brought with it complex and new problems.