At the heart of our purpose is delivering a great service to our clients. 

Delivering excellence

At Gateley our client care programme, Stellar, was developed as a commitment to provide additional support to our clients.

Delivering a promise that we will always endeavour to go above and beyond to meet, if not exceed, our clients’ expectations, Stellar is about how we can always ensure that what we do is exceptionally good and outstanding, the very definition of the word ‘stellar’.

Some of the Stellar tools that we use include:

  • Access to a dedicated non-lawyer account management team.
  • Regular dedicated internal team talks where the client service team meet to discuss client news and work updates.
  • KPI setting – agreed performance metrics that can be reviewed regularly (at client listening meetings).
  • Client dashboard – a central document used to record a client’s working preferences. This is an internal document that will be shared amongst our team.
  • Tailored added-value package – in addition to our standard added-value offering, we like to offer Stellar clients something extra. This is something you input into so that we can add maximum value.
  • Value statements – essentially a snapshot of all the added value we have provided to you over a set period.

Listening to our clients

Client listening is an important tool in knowing whether we are doing the best job that we can for our clients.

Alongside the client listening delivered through our Stellar programme, every client is offered the opportunity to request an independent client listening when we send them their invoice. 

On a bi-annual basis, we also undertake client research. In our last client satisfaction survey, we were able to calculate how many of our clients would recommend us, a measure which is also known as Net Promoter Score. We achieved a Net Promoter Score of 68; scores over 50 are seen as a reflection of world class organisations. During 2022 we also completed a telephone and web-based brand perception study to ask clients and contacts what they felt about the Gateley brand, our platform offering and the service we deliver.