We advise businesses on commercial and technology issues at every stage of their lifecycle from start up to exit, ensuring that their commercial agreements are robust and support the business’s strategic objectives. 

Business start up

While incredibly rewarding, starting a business can also be full of challenges. You need advisers that partner with you. That’s why we adapt our approach to commercial and technology arrangements to best suit each stage of your individual journey – to minimise any potential risks and to maximise successful commercial outcomes. 

For a business to thrive it is imperative to get commercial contracts right from the outset. Whether it be advising new franchisees on the best ways to achieve rapid growth, brokering sponsorship contracts for new start ups, or advising on implications of the latest developments in technology, our specialists ensure that clients get the right advice to achieve their commercial objectives from the get-go.

Growth and expansion

For a business to grow takes a great deal of hard work and the right advice at the right time. Experienced, commercially aware and pragmatic advisers can be the key difference to creating successful business relationships. Whether you need advice on core business contracts, supply chain contracts, procurement issues, outsourcing, joint ventures, or the appointment of agents and distributors, we are here to help your business succeed.

If relationships break down, we understand that disputes related to commercial contracts or crucial IT and telecoms systems can be costly and inhibit growth. We effectively assess and manage disputes from an early stage, implementing clear strategies to ensure quick and effective resolutions. 

Maturity, transition and exit

Once a business is mature then its strategic focus shifts. Whether the priority is maximising profit margins, running the business and its commercial relationships efficiently, or even becoming a franchisor, our lawyers provide a pragmatic, tailored response. 

One way an established business can maximise one of its most valuable assets – its brand – is by licencing. Our skilled specialists enable our clients to successfully monetise their brand and ensure the licensing relationship benefits all parties. 

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Commercial contracts

The complexities of commercial contracts can distract management from the critical business of running the company.


Innovative technologies continually test both the boundaries of business and society.

IT & telecoms disputes

Disputes regarding crucial business infrastructure can cause financial and reputational damage.

Licensing & brands

Licensing can be used as an effective growth tool, benefitting both the licensors and the licensees.

Media & entertainment

In this fast-moving area, industry knowledge can be worth its weight in gold.


Franchising brings together the drive and energy of the entrepreneur with the experience and expertise of the franchisor.