We help to maximise the opportunities within a business, while identifying the best ways to avoid or mitigate risk associated with intellectual property. When disputes arise, we advise on how to respond to that risk, recover from it in the best possible way and then to implement solutions to mitigate that risk from arising in the future. Our unique proposition combines dedicated patent and trade mark attorney teams at Adamson Jones and Symbiosis IP working side-by-side with IP solicitors at Gateley Legal. 

Maximise opportunities

In today’s competitive landscape, securing and capitalising on your assets and ideas is critical for success.

Our team of legal experts, along with dedicated patent and trade mark attorneys, provide comprehensive advice to a broad range of UK and international clients, from technology-focused start-ups to multinationals, innovative SMEs to world-renowned universities, helping them to harness the power of their innovation.

Our specialists help to commercialise the intangible assets that make a business stand out from the crowd. Whether it’s technical ideas, brands, creative works or software, we can help. 

Respond to risk

Dealing with intellectual property disputes that arise during the course of business operations needs a decisive response. We help to address risks effectively, to assess your options, protect your reputation and ensure financial and team stability.

We are highly skilled at resolving intellectual property issues of all kinds, including court proceedings, trade mark registry disputes, patent and design infringement, domain name disputes, and social media takedowns.

Recover from risk

Once the outcome of an intellectual property dispute is secured we manage risk recovery, equipping you to bounce back stronger, including monitoring and enforcing the outcome of court decisions and dealing directly with third-party advisors.

Mitigate risk

Once the dust has settled, the last thing most businesses want to do is spend any more time than they need to on an intellectual property dispute. But that’s exactly the time to work with our experts to proactively identify gaps in processes and protection, to reduce the likelihood of similar risks happening again. 

Combining a deep technical knowledge with straightforward commercial pragmatism, we work with clients to devise national and international strategies to protect innovation and business value. We mitigate risk by advising on all areas of intellectual property law, including trade marks, patents, passing off, copyright, confidential information and domain names.

Find an intellectual property service

Intellectual property

We help to protect and commercialise your intangible assets. 

Patent attorney services

We help protect new developments, putting innovators in a stronger commercial position.

IP disputes

When an issue arises in this technical area, it is crucial to obtain specialist advice at an early stage.

IP assessment

A company’s IP is often a key asset warranting individual consideration.

Patent Box

We help you navigate this scheme which encourages companies to undertake R&D and protect the resulting IP via a UK patent. 

Tax-efficient R&D

We make applying for this tax incentive for innovative companies as simple as possible.

IP valuation & commercialisation

In today’s competitive landscape, capitalising on your ideas and assets is vital for success.

Trade marks

Giving exclusive rights to names and logos, trade marks are a vital means of protecting brands.

How does intellectual property create value in a business?