When disputes arise, we advise on how to respond to that risk, recover from it in the best possible way and then to implement solutions to mitigate that risk from arising in the future.

Respond to risk

Running a business is a risky endeavour. Dealing with disputes that arise during the course of everyday operations or change programmes, or managing unexpected crisis scenarios, needs a decisive response. We help to address risks effectively, to assess your options, protect your reputation and ensure financial and team stability.

We provide commercial advice on resolving disputes effectively and efficiently and advise on the most appropriate methods of common dispute resolution, whether that is bringing and defending court proceedings or through forms of alternative dispute resolution (such as adjudication, arbitration, expert determination and mediation).

Whether your dispute is related to a commercial contract, business ownership, professional negligence, a sports contract, or a myriad of other potential causes, we understand that any dispute can be disruptive, time-consuming and expensive. That’s why we take a firm, yet commercially-grounded approach to dispute resolution in order to obtain the best outcomes to meet your business and commercial objectives.

Recover from risk

Once the outcome of a dispute or crisis is secured we manage risk recovery, equipping you to bounce back stronger. This includes monitoring and enforcing the outcome of court decisions, and dealing directly with third-party advisers, accountants and insolvency practitioners.

Regardless of any claim value, any dispute can have a wider impact on a client’s customer base, products and brand. We help to manage that risk and potential impact, including by acting for claimants and defendants in fraud investigations, disputes and asset tracing actions, and representing claimants and defendants regarding defamation and reputation management proceedings.

Mitigate risk

Once the dust has settled, the last thing most businesses want to do is spend any more time than they need to on a dispute or crisis. But that’s exactly the time to work with our dispute resolution experts to proactively identify gaps in processes, training and culture, to reduce the likelihood of similar risks happening again. 

We take a collaborative approach to partner with you to restore confidence and fortify your risk management strategy.

Why choose Gateley?

  • An innovative route to fund your long-term litigation without the risk or upfront cost via our litigation funding facility. We can help you to resolve a dispute on a true ‘no win, no fee’ basis.
  • A ‘one size fits one’ tailored approach that suits your business’s appetite to risk and the scenario you are facing.
  • Support beyond the crisis to mitigate future risks, and ensure business continuity.

“The Gateley commercial litigation team is second to none in terms of its willingness to go above and beyond for its clients. The team is always superbly prepared, with in-depth knowledge of its cases, and works terrifically well alongside counsel. It is always a joy to work with them.”

Legal 500 2022

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Commercial litigation

We take a firm, yet commercially-grounded approach to dispute resolution.

International arbitration

Advising across the spectrum of issues that arise, we act on both commercial and investor-state disputes.

Litigation funding facility

An innovative route to fund your long-term litigation without the risk or upfront cost.

Arbitration, adjudication & mediation

We provide commercial advice on resolving disputes effectively and efficiently.

Reputation management

We can help protect and restore your personal or business reputation.

Restrictive covenants

A powerful tool in protecting a business, buying you valuable time when you’re under threat.

Sports law & disputes

From sponsorship to construction projects, sports law is a fast-evolving environment.

Asset tracing & fraud investigation

Fraud continues to be on the increase. We help to manage risk and to recover assets lost.

Business ownership disputes

Boardroom and business disputes can be disruptive, time-consuming and expensive.

Collective actions & group litigation

We help claimants seek justice by sharing the cost and risk across many people in the same boat.

Competition litigation

We help determine the damage suffered, an optimal litigation strategy, and the right financing.

Expert witness

You need to know that you can rely on expert witnesses that will effectively support your case.

Financial services disputes

We limit costs exposure and achieve commercial outcomes in a broader regulatory context.

IT & telecoms disputes

Disputes regarding crucial business infrastructure can cause financial and reputational damage.

Privacy & defamation

Privacy law can be difficult to navigate. We provide practical solutions to real problems.

Professional negligence

When a professional fails to do their job properly, you can be left with a substantial financial loss.

Public procurement

Public contracts can be challenging. When things go wrong, organisations need to act fast.

Tribunal services

We are regularly appointed as a neutral third party to facilitate the resolution of a dispute. 

Shipping disputes

Navigating the choppy waters of shipping disputes successfully requires expert advice.

Shipping & commodities

We advise a broad range of clients across the maritime and trade sectors.