Litigation funding facility

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An innovative route to fund your long term litigation without the risk or upfront cost. In partnership with BenchWalk, our team can help you to resolve a dispute on a true no win, no fee basis.

What do we do?

Our funding facility is flexible and innovative, enabling you to pursue a litigation claim without needing to finance it. Our litigation funding facility provides funding for an initial sum of £20m with room for a further £30m, valuing the total facility up to £50m.

Long term commercial litigation often presents challenges from a cashflow perspective, our litigation funding facility removes this hurdle and makes it possible to pursue litigation cases which may otherwise have been dismissed on financial grounds. 

As a client there is no cost to you; we take a pre-agreed percentage of the final settlement and you are not left liable for an opponents cost should the case not be a success. We are one of only two listed law firms able to offer such a facility.

Traditional litigation is often built on a series of complex and interlocking agreements, our facility enables us to simplify things; when you secure the support of our litigation funding facility you enter into a single contract and we take care of all the other aspects behind the scenes.

See how our innovative no win, no fee funding facility works

“We all recognise in today’s world the pressures on cash flow, and the fact that spending money on legal fees to pursue litigation is an unwelcome and unwanted distraction.” Richard Healey, Partner & Business Services Platform Head


Who can our litigation funding facility help?

Our litigation funding facility provides a complete cost solution for our disputes clients. It is available for all disputes where the case will either come before or is before an English court or arbitral tribunal or where the case has an English nexus (e.g. there is an English asset recovery/ enforcement piece to the case or the governing law in England & Wales). Unfortunately, it is not available where we are not engaged to act for the client.

One of the biggest benefits of our litigation funding offering is that our client takes no risk unless they want to do so, as the only cost is a percentage of recoveries. By us having streamlined standardised documentation and a decision within 15 days of the submission of the information pack there is no need to spend months trying to get litigation funding, with no guarantee of success, which is a particular issue for insolvency practitioners who end up running up costs trying to secure funding when the estate has no cash.

We are completely transparent with all clients and are happy to provide modelling to show how the proposal is arrived at and how it compares to other litigation funding offers. 

There is a scope for variation, however claims will on average tend to be around £3m, subject to ratio of funding amount to claim value.

What is the minimum value of the litigation funding claim?

  • £3m subject to ratio of funding amount to claim value
  • Scope for variation if the economics work

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