Business support teams

Our people are important to Gateley. We need talented business professionals who are experts in their specialist areas to support our continuing growth and development.  Working alongside our lawyers and specialist business consultants you will have the opportunity to drive efficiency, create new ways of operating, and make a difference to our future success.


The finance team assists with all accounts related requests and provides a streamlined service to the Gateley Group.

Meet our Group Finance Director

How long have you been with Gateley and what is your role?

I joined Gateley LLP in 2008, was appointed as Finance Director in 2011 and became the first non-lawyer to be appointed as Partner within Gateley LLP following its successful application to become an Alternative Business Structure in January 2014.

I was a member of the management team on Gateley LLP’s acquisition of the commercial law business from Halliwells LLP in 2010 and following that, was involved in Gateley Plc’s admission to AIM. Since being appointed to the Plc Board in 2015, I have been involved in all of the subsequent acquisitions that have seen the Group expand beyond legal services into a law-led professional services Group.


Gateley’s facilities team ensures the smooth running of all our office locations for employees, clients, post, documentation and security.  The team always rises to the challenge, providing a warm and welcoming environment for all.

Meet our Head of Facilities

Tim Connelly, Birmingham

What’s your role and what does your team do?

I am the National Head of Facilities for Gateley. My role predominantly involves managing all of the properties for the business across all Gateley office sites. This involves managing a team of facilities employees and contractors who provide planned and reactive maintenance – so ensuring all of our plant, mechanical, electrical and water systems are fully maintained and safe, organise all refurbishment schemes and office moves, manage health and safety for all of our people, organise commercial insurances, manage company vehicles including pool cars and vans, order supplies and consumables including stationery.

Why is the work of your team important for Gateley?

Providing safe, well maintained and professional facilities for our people, visitors and clients is very important for the business.  We have legal obligations to make sure or premises are safe and maintained in accordance with legal responsibilities, but we also want excellent facilities to attract and retain the best people, and to ensure that our clients have the best experience. 

What’s your favourite thing about working for Gateley?

I have worked for Gateley for a number of years now, and in that time the company has grown significantly, so there has always been interesting projects to work on and different parts of the country to work in. The business always makes sure that sufficient resources are available to enable us to do our job and allow us to enjoy ourselves whilst making sure the job is always done.  


Our people are at the very heart of the Gateley group and key to our current success and future growth plans. 

We work hard to attract and retain the very best talent with our team of HR professionals working closely to support the groups business strategy as well as supporting our employees to ensure they can maximise their full potential. As well as supporting and driving the performance of our people through the delivery of professional, essential personal skills and career development training, the team also works closely with individuals on a variety of personal wellbeing and career aspiration initiatives.

Meet our group HR Director

What’s your role and what does your team do?

As Group HR Director I have overall responsibility for HR, talent acquisition, learning development and Inclusion across the Gateley Group.  

I am an employment lawyer by background and have developed my career within Gateley from a trainee solicitor through to partner and appointment to the national Operations and Strategic Boards of Gateley Plc.  

I have seen the Gateley Group grow over the last 20 years and it has been a great journey to be part of. I am proud to be part of a team creating a culture to ensure that everybody can be themselves at work and to nurture and support our people to reach their ambitions in full. 

I am also passionate about our structure which provides all employees within the Group an opportunity to acquire shares in the company through our share option schemes. We are a team at Gateley and it is important to me that everyone can participate and share in the future financial success of the Group.  

What's your favourite thing about working for Gateley?

Gateley is a fast pace dynamic place to work but is immensely rewarding.  I never have time to be bored and there is always a new challenge around the corner - I guess that is why I have stayed for over 20 years!

A day in the life of our Head of HR

What’s your role and how do you help internal clients?

As Head of HR, my role is to manage the HR team to deliver an effective service to all our employees and continue to work towards our commitment of being an employer of choice. The role involves providing support as required to all employees throughout their career lifecycle, ensuring we have an environment where people can thrive and working closely with our diversity and inclusion network groups to support inclusion within our company.

What does your day-to-day work consist of?

Day to day I can be involved with coaching a team member, completing project-based work or supporting and advising colleagues as required. I enjoy working closely with my team to ensure we are attracting and retaining the best talent for our business and watching the business grow. Since we floated this has given the HR team a fantastic opportunity to work with a number of different businesses and ensure we are partnering with them to provide the best service possible. I get to work on a variety or projects across the business whether this is reviewing our systems, introducing reward and recognition programmes or ensuring annual processes run effectively.

Has there been a particular highlight for you whilst with Gateley? 

I joined Gateley in 2011 and since then there have been a lot of highlights! I am really lucky that every day I get to work with such a great team who all work extremely hard to ensure we are delivering the best service possible to all our employees. I am proud of what the team has achieved and one highlight that stands out, in particular, was the launch of our annual Gateley Team Spirit Awards. I really enjoy recognising colleagues across the business and celebrating their achievements with them. On a personal level, Gateley has given me the opportunity to develop and grow into the career I have always wanted and really supports people to achieve their ambitions. 

A day in the life of our head of L&D

What’s your role and how do you help internal clients?

The work that I do supports our people to become self-aware and learn new skills and behaviours so that they can play to their strengths and be the best that they can be in their role at Gateley. 

What does your day-to-day work consist of?

My role is really varied as I’m also the lead on Gateley Thrive, our employee health & wellbeing network. I design and deliver training sessions and collaborate with a variety of external training consultants to deliver an engaging, interactive and practical skills based workshops as part of our career development programme. I work one to one with  teams or individuals to coach them on areas that might be of particular challenge or importance. I work closely with the wider HR team to deliver projects that will help to engage and retain our talent and further our commitment to be the employer of choice. I deliver a programme of mental health training and also help to organise various events and initiatives as part of our health and wellbeing offering. 

Has there been a particular highlight for you whilst with Gateley? 

I genuinely love working for Gateley. I originally worked for the company as a senior associate in the banking team, but even when I knew that it was time for a change in career direction, I was keen to stay with Gateley as the people and the culture really are great. There’s been lots of highlights but for me, the real highlights are when someone I’ve worked with on some training or coaching takes the time to contact me to say that it’s made a real difference to the way they feel about their work, a particular issue or how they are performing. That feels great. 


IT underpins almost every aspect of Gateley, from ensuring that our people are able to work effectively, though to defining and implementing change projects that enable the business to grow and meet client needs.

As the IT function, we are proud of providing an excellent service to our internal clients, developing our team, and investing in technologies that will work for Gateley in the long-term.  Change projects may range from the implementation of a new Practice Management System to the development of a custom solution for a specific client.

Meet our IT director

What’s your role and what does your team do?

The team roles fall into three broad categories:

  • The IT Service team is responsible for the day-to-day management of our IT systems, ensuring that all our IT services run smoothly, systems are kept up-to-date and that we help people across Gateley with questions and special requests in a pro-active and efficient manner.
  • The Solution Delivery Team is responsible  for defining and delivering transformational change across Gateley and IT system / processes improvements, as well as developing client-specific solutions, and managing integrations between systems.  
  • We also have people dedicated to the technical aspects of Information Security and looking forwards to define the future of our IT Infrastructure.

My own role is to lead, encourage and develop the above teams.  I also represent IT at Board level and help the business leaders understand the art-of-the-possible and work with them to.

Why is the work of your team important for Gateley?

Clients increasingly expect innovative technology-based solutions and demand evidence of our Information Security protection measures. The growth and evolution of our business is dependent upon us implement change programmes, such as a new practice management solution, enhancements to document management systems, integrating acquisitions and following information security best practice.

What’s your favourite thing about working for Gateley?

Gateley is a great place to work! The IT team is friendly, enthusiastic and supportive of each other.  We work well together and with the wider Gateley business.  Gateley, as a people-centric organisation, focuses an unusually large amount of time and care in developing our people.

A day in the life of our Head of IT Service & Infrastructure

What’s your role and how do you help internal clients?

As the Head of IT Service, along with the team I am responsible for ensuring that all of our IT services run smoothly, systems are kept up-to-date and that the underpinning IT infrastructure is fit for purpose.

What does your day-to-day work consist of?

Any single day can be extremely varied but roughly divided in to tasks from a few specific areas:  

  • Business As Usual – We obviously strive not to have service impacting issues but unfortunately such is the nature of IT that things can go wrong from time to time so how we deal with them and responding effectively to the business is important.
  • Projects – Providing support and assistance to the project delivery side of the IT team so that we continue to deliver IT transformation projects aligned to the business strategy.
  • Continual Service Improvement – Working with the team to identify and implement better ways of working in order to improve the level of service and satisfaction within our user base.
  • Finance/Budget – Reviewing IT expenditure against the IT budget and managing financial outlays and renewals for things such as licensing for our various software and systems.

Has there been a particular highlight for you whilst with Gateley? 

Starting Gateley in the middle of a global pandemic with extremely limited face to face time with colleagues has been challenging at times but the highlight would have to be how easy in the most part it has been to start getting to know the team despite these challenges and appreciating the work that was done prior to my arrival in relation to the technology that has been deployed to make it possible.

A day in the life of our Head of Solution Delivery

What’s your role and how do you help clients?

The primary purpose of my role as Head of Solution Delivery is to manage the successful delivery of all of our IT and Business Change projects to the Gateley business and its clients. In addition, I also support our client tenders, supplier management, information security reviews, audits, and the occasional client meeting.

Due to the size and complexity of change that my team is delivering and the range of the business units and clients we deal with, there is genuine diversity in the projects that we will engage on, which makes it difficult to define a typical day, other than busy.

Has there been a particular highlight for you whilst with Gateley? 

Although we have delivered some truly transformational change, personal highlights have come more as a result of the unplanned activity, for example when reacting to the Covid-19 pandemic and enabling our business and its users to be able to work from home, the way in which our entire IT Team stepped up to take responsibility and the support that they provided each other has reinforced the point that I am part of a truly exceptional team!


Our Marketing team leads on all corporate communications, marketing and business development activity working collaboratively with fee earners across Gateley. 

Our team consists of corporate communications, who manage our media relations across the business both online and offline; events, who manage events for external contacts; pursuits and proposals, who produce engaging pitch responses that make our offering stand out from the competition. Our digital and design team manages all aspects of the group’s website and digital platforms and produces collateral to present the group’s brand, as well as managing the CRM system: InterAction. Finally, our business development team support the delivery of the group’s business plans and we manage and grow strategic client relationships through our Stellar account management programme.

Meet our Group Marketing Director

What’s your role and what does your team do?

My role is to support Gateley in delivering its strategic growth objectives, maximising the opportunities within the group and delivering a great service to our internal and external clients.

Our marketing team brings expert guidance across all elements of the marketing mix acting as trusted advisers to our internal clients. Whether we are supporting on a pitch opportunity or drafting a press release or presenting content digitally (and much more), the marketing team provides best practice guidance alongside a practical approach. 

Why is the work of your team important for Gateley?

Our marketing team works side-by-side with our legal and consulting colleagues to support work-winning in an effective and proactive way. We support at all stages of the marketing funnel: raising awareness of Gateley, attracting interest in the services that we are offering and converting that interest into leads and, subsequently, new clients. Once we have clients on board, we work with our client teams to deliver on the promises that we have made at every stage of the client relationship.

What’s your favourite thing about working for Gateley?

It sounds cliched to say it but Gateley really does what it says on its ‘cultural tin’: people are friendly and genuinely work well together; we are trusted as marketing professionals by our fee-earning colleagues for the expertise we bring to the table; there are exciting opportunities to get involved in; and we’re encouraged to be ourselves.

A day in the life of our Communications Director

What’s your role and how do you help internal clients?

I head up a team that leads the group’s public and media relations; our internal communications strategy which engages with and informs our people through a variety of channels and internal events; safeguarding our brand reputation within the press and social media; supporting with crisis and issues management and our investor communications and financial PR programme.

What does your day-to-day work consist of?

No day is ever the same and working for a diverse business operating across multiple regions and industries means the role is always exciting and varied. I’m lucky to work with some creative and talented colleagues who take a forward thinking approach to developing ideas and working with our internal and external clients to deliver results.

Has there been a particular highlight for you whilst with Gateley? 

The highlight of my time at Gateley was leading the communications around our IPO in 2015, when we became the first UK commercial law firm to float on the London Stock Exchange’s AIM market. Months of hard work and meticulous planning in the run up to the float on internal and external communications paid off when the news broke and went global. We spoke to more than 300 journalists that week and being able to raise our profile in such a unique way put us firmly on the map and in a really good place from a communications perspective.   

Risk & compliance

As providers of professional services, it is fundamental that we behave in such a way that our clients and the public trust us.

Our compliance with the law, regulations, industry guidance and best practice underpins this and is therefore critical. The responsibility for risk management and compliance in our business is shared by everyone, but we don’t expect our people to manage this alone.  We have a dedicated risk and compliance team to support our people and provide guidance on risk and compliance related matters. We are also fortunate in being able to draw upon the specialist knowledge of our team of legal advisers who are experts in their areas of practice. As you would expect we have a full range of policies in place to underpin our approach to risk and compliance and hold a range of industry accreditations across the group to demonstrate the high standards we achieve.

Meet our Compliance Officer

What’s your role and what does your team do?

I oversee the Risk & Compliance function at Gateley.  Our team leads on areas including anti-money laundering activity, client confidentiality, risk identification and management, supplier compliance, data protection, insurance and complaints and claims.  As you can see quite a variety!  We advise on policy and procedures and support the implementation of these working closely with other teams across the business.

Why is the work of your team important for Gateley?

As providers of professional services, we must behave in such a way that our clients and the public trust us.  Our compliance with the law, regulations, industry guidance and best practice underpins this and is therefore critical.  More specifically for Gateley as a legal and professional services group, effective risk management is a cornerstone of the Solicitors Regulation Authority’s (SRA) Codes of Conduct and the SRA requires us to take a risk-based approach to compliance and managing our business.

What’s your favourite thing about working for Gateley?

Without a second’s hesitation my answer is “the people” – I have been at Gateley for almost 20 years and while we have grown exponentially in that period, we have retained the same spirit – we are a diverse group of hardworking but above all friendly people.