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Patent Box made simple

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Adamson Jones & Gateley Capitus

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In this webinar our tax advisors and patent attorneys walk through the Patent Box process. They explain how to determine if Patent Box could benefit your business as well as how best to take advantage of this tax relief.

The webinar covers:

  • What is patent-eligible subject matter?
  • What sort of patent will give you the best Patent Box returns?
  • How quickly and simply can you obtain a UK patent?
  • What is Patent Box?
  • How Patent Box can benefit your company
  • What’s the claim process?
  • Your next steps to benefiting from Patent Box

This webinar is essential viewing for managing directors, finance directors and technical directors of established UK manufacturers that are generating profit, and using innovation to achieve growth. Equally of interest to business advisors and accountants that work with UK manufacturing businesses.

Patent box made simple

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